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After all, humanity was cursed and beasts wandered the land. Sooner or later people would get used to it.

Lina is a serving girl at a tavern, who thinks she is doomed to an uneventful life, until a horrible beast attacks her hometown. Such attacks are commonplace; humanity has been cursed by the gods since time immemorial, and bloodthirsty beasts prey on mankind virtually unpunished. Humanity's only line of defense are the Slayers: armed with divine magic, they are capable of fighting the beasts on equal ground, and are immune to the curse that turns men into monsters.

That particular attack, however, upends Lina's life. Because it's not a Slayer who scares away the beast, but an ordinary girl. An outsider. That single discovery makes Lina question whether the life she has is the only possible one, and she embarks on a brief (but bloody) journey of self-discovery through a reality much more complicated than she could imagine.

  • Genre: Dark fantasy
  • Length: 54 pages
  • Age rating: 18+
  • Content warnings: Violence and gore
  • Languages: English (US), Brazilian Portuguese
  • Release date: October 14, 2022
  • Formats available: Kindle only (for now)
  • Stores: Amazon only (for now)
  • Kindle Unlimited: Yes
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