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April 30, 2024

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Hello! April is over, so here are the topics for the month's wrap-up post:

  • Sales data
  • Writing update
  • May goals

Sales data:

April was a #NarratessIndieSale month, so (of course) it was awesome. I scored 10 new sales on it, one of which seems to have already resulted in a new rating, and on top of that I also got 81 page reads on KU. Excellent month.

If you don't know about the Narratess Indie Sale, you can check it out here. It's over for now, but there'll be another one in August! If you're an indie author, go ahead and join next time around!

I got new ratings both on Brazilian Amazon *and* Goodreads, so here's the current score:

  • Brazilian Amazon: 24 ratings;
  • US Amazon: 22 ratings;
  • Goodreads: 24 ratings.

Writing update:

I'm still preparing for Unfortunate's release. I had hoped to have it released on May 1st, but sadly it didn't work out, so now I'm trying to figure out exactly when it'll release. I'll post about it when I have a date!

I did finish the blurb, so here we go:

Vaz had it all, and it wasn't enough. Wealth, power, and even his easy life failed to satisfy him, and so he endlessly strived for more. When one of his plans went too well, his boss finally decided he was a threat and tried to eliminate him.

Now, on the run, Vaz finds himself with only two options: to roll over and die, or to roll the dice. Literally. Due to an ancient pact between his people and a god of chaos, Vaz, like all citizens of his country, has a special die that grants wishes... if you get a twenty. Anything else results in a grisly death.

What Vaz didn't expect were the caveats. Instead of getting his wish right away, now he has to work for his safety. Worse: He'll have to work for the sake of another person. Forced to prevent a young woman's death, Vaz is confronted not just by the ugliness of his world, but by his own part in it.

May goals:

Releasing Unfortunate, hopefully. On top of the blurb, here's a sneak peek of the first page:



For years, Vaz had held onto the deep-seated belief that he had his life under control. All of that came crashing down when he entered his bathroom to find a man sitting in the tub, pointing a shotgun at his chest.

Rather than turning and running, which might have been smarter, Vaz simply froze. He had already undressed, and got stuck between the impulse to run and the impulse to cover his genitals with a towel. The result was a whine-like yelp that echoed strangely in his pearly, marbled bathroom.

The end:

That's it for April. Thank you for reading so far, and a happy May to you all!


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